Thursday, February 6, 2014


Last month, I idled away some hours trying to get some idea of the Chinese hacker culture. I assumed that, like the hackers I knew when I was younger, that Chinese hackers would have some kind of specialized vocabulary, like a Chinese version of 1337. I figured if I could find a few terms in that specialized vocabulary, I might be able to do some narrow internet searches that would give me a general outline of the Chinese hacker world.

It didn't really work. I did get a really interesting look into how the Chinese government is handling cybersecurity, but I never found anything that really looked like a hacker site.

Today, by chance, I hit the motherlode. I found the type of site I was looking for, and the wealth of information available is a bit overwhelming. My experience with Chinese government sites has been that, after I access them a few times, they may drop off the net, especially if they are very interesting. I fear I won't have enough time to learn what I want to learn before this site goes away too.

If my luck holds, I will soon have much new and interesting information to blog about.

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